Outreach Programs

Outreach Programs Are Where Sturgeon City Educators Will Bring Science To Your Classroom!

You can choose from of our field trip stations or we can tailor a lesson to meet your needs. Programs typically last one hour and we can schedule multiple programs per day depending on the number of students.

The cost of an outreach is $7 per student if there is 20 or more students. If there is less than 20 students, a flat rate will be discussed.

Sturgeon City’s outreach programs support the North Carolina Essential Standards in Science.

For topic ideas, check out our field trip page. You can also give us a call with a specific topic not listed and we will customize a program specifically for you!

Our Mobile Planetarium can be brought to you! The charge is $5 per student. Time can be discussed. Our planetarium needs a clearance of at least 14 feet in height and at least 27×27 feet of floor space. There should always be a clear path out of the planetarium and it should not block any exits. For more information on what shows we have to offer, please refer to the Planetarium page.

Outreach Programs